Group Is Taking Complaints About TSA to Congressional Aides

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, May 18, 2012.

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    WXYZ: Bloomfield Hills woman part of a "No Fly" group addressing Washington about Airport Security issues

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    This is the meeting which Jon is attending, is it not?

    Is Ms. Thompson the woman whose picture I saw several years ago in which she was showing her prosthesis? She was, I believe, wearing a brown tweed pantssuit. I recall being sickened by what was done to her and today, many years later, it is even more sickening that the TSA is being allowed to get away with abuse at the checkpoint.
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    Yes, I will be there. So will Sommer Gentry, who along with Jon Corbett and Wendy, will be making a presentation. We're all meeting up tomorrow night to go over everything. (P.S. to all for future reference, it's Wendy Thomson, not Thompson.)
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    Yes, it's Wendy Thomson, and yes, this is the same meeting with Jon Corbett, Sommer Gentry, Jeff Pierce, Renee Beeker, and me, and this is also posted in another thread by Bill Fisher:

    Coaches, please combine?

    We're all getting together Sunday to discuss things before the Congressional presentation on Tuesday and the Aviation Advisory (expletive deleted) Council meeting on Monday.
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    Good luck!

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