Gun found at Detroit Metro Airport's McNamara Terminal

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    A handgun was found Monday past the security checkpoint at Detroit Metro Airport.
    A traveler found the gun about 5 p.m. in a bathroom at the McNamara Terminal. However, the finding did not slow down TSA operations.
    TSA released the following statement:
    "The firearm was identified as the property of a federal law enforcement officer employed by TSA as a Federal Air Marshal. The passenger turned the firearm over to local law enforcement."
    "The agency is reviewing the circumstance and will take appropriate disciplinary action as necessary."
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    Hahahahahahahahahahahahah! Thank you for posting laugh I've had all year! :D
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    Average person makes that mistake Blogger Boob trumpets from top the pile of crap that is Totally Stupid & Assines blog... FAM fubars it and possible disciplinary action.... talk about major seperation of theory and reality.
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    Not the first time this has happened:

    Air marshal loses a gun at the airport

    INDIANAPOLIS, Sept. 13 (UPI) -- Indianapolis Airport Police said a .40-caliber pistol found by a limo driver at the Airport belongs to a federal air marshal.
    Limousine driver Perry L. Williams found the handgun Wednesday and immediately gave it to authorities, said The Indianapolis Star.
    The police report said the .40-caliber handgun was in a small black case and was secured with a trigger lock.
    The gun was then traced to the U.S. Air Marshal's Service, where officials said it was assigned to a 42-year-old marshal from Ohio, said Airport Police Officer Robert Gyorkos, the newspaper said.
    Airport Police Chief Bill Reardon said the gun would likely be returned to federal authorities.

    Air marshal loses a gun at the airport - Indianapolis Airport Police said a .40-caliber pistol found ...

    Air marshal leaves gun in airport restroom
    Friday, April 9, 2004 Posted: 10:24 PM EDT (0224 GMT)

    CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- A federal air marshal accidentally left her gun in a restroom at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, an airport spokeswoman said Friday.

    A passenger found the semiautomatic handgun Thursday and notified an airport employee. The employee then told airport police, who secured the weapon, said the spokeswoman, Pat Smith.

    "They later found it belonged to a federal air marshal who apparently was using the restroom and put it up on the shelf while she was washing her hands and forgot about it," Smith said.

    Dave Adams, a spokesman for the federal Air Marshal Service, said the marshal, whose name was not released, probably would be suspended.

    Airdisaster.Com Forums - Air marshal leaves gun in airport restroom

    Sorry, the links are not longer live but I picked the above up from:

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