Halloween Prop Shuts Down Airport [FCA]

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    ABC Montana: Halloween Prop Shuts Down Airport

    Glacier National Airport in Kalispell was shut-down for an hour on Sunday thanks to a prop for a Halloween party.

    TSA screeners called the County Sheriff when they thought they found grenades in a passenger's luggage. Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry said fire crews immediately responded and determined the grenades were not real.

    "There was no danger to the public. The airport was evacuated for about an hour. We did interview the lady who had placed them into her checked baggage. She had planned on using them for a halloween props for a halloween party," Curry Said.
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    Gotta love little airports where a terminal dump only takes an hour!

    Did the TSA release a photo of the "grenades" in a Good Catch! ™ pat-themselves-on-the-back, or were they something dumb like little decorated gourds or pumpkins? :rolleyes:
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    Bolding mine: *in my best Goofy imitation voice* Yep, yep, uh-hu, uh-huh! :)
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    It wouldn't surprise me. I was informed that a silver rotating picture frame (holds twelve photos in six frames, around a central "post") in my carry-on heading to my sister's wedding looked exactly like a rocket-propelled grenade on the X-ray, despite the "frames" not being solid, and the "base" being flat on the end, and many other details that scream "NOT A WEAPON."
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