Harrisburg legislators reconsider decision to allow police to shoot stray dogs

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    It appears that activists and all around good people have made enough noise to get the Harrisburg legislators to reconisder their memo allowing police officers to simply terminate stray dogs... you heard that right, simply ride up and kill them for no reason other the fact that they are strays. Now, these are not the only options available to the local police in the memo, they can also adopt themselves, offer the option to adopt to the person reporting the dog, take it to a safe area to release (which is never a good idea in a population dense area such as Harrisburg), or shoot it and dump the body at the Department of Agriculture loading dock. Harrisburg is saddled with huge debt problems, and can not afford to run or even operate a temporary processing point for stray animals. Does anyone here have some sort of connections in the animal rights area that can push one of the societies to fund a transfer point or temporary housing area to help assist with the relocating/rehoming of stray animals in the Capitol of Pennsylvania? More info here:

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    I find it hard to believe there's no SPCA in Harrisburg that could serve as a clearinghouse for these pets, using contributed funds. You need a place where owners can find their lost pets or where individuals can claim abandoned pets. Our local animal shelter does this, but has been known to euthanize animals after some period of time if they cannot be placed.

    Humane Society of Harrisburg
    Far Point Animal Rescue
    A bazillion other resources

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