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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Good op-ed in the L.A. Times:

    Compares TSA minds to bad computer programs -- garbage in, garbage out ...

    Also in the Herald Times Reporter: Rage Against the TSA Machine
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    Their secret biomass-production facility certainly creates enough garbage. Dunno who they think they're fooling by putting blue shirts on it and calling it human.

    I'm thinking this Jean Weber incident, though, is going to be a huge deal. I find it a little weird that it's generating more outrage than the 6-year-old in New Orleans, but people are odd, this I know. I'm also sensing that TSA is spinning this as hard as they can and failing. I really hope I'm right about that as this could be a major blow against Pissy's Perverts having free reign to sexually abuse people in the name of saaaaaaaaaafetyyyyyyyyyyyy.
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    Oh, CelticWhisper, I hope you're right!

    I don't think that this one incident per se is getting more attention because of what it is. I think it is getting more attention because we are closer to a tipping point. I don't think it is the tipping point, though. Sadly, I think there will be more children enduring gropings, more mentally challenged people deemed threats, and more cancer patients n:rolleyes:t forced to remove their diapers. If anything, TSA has shown it is incapable of communicating SOP changes effectively to its workfarce, it is incapable of effective change in thought culture (per the opinion piece linked by Mike), and it is incapable of truly understanding the American public.

    Pistole made a grand pronouncement that childhood gropings would change. The obvious hope is that the American People will hear that and think, "Oh, good, they aren't sticking their hands in 6 year olds' pants anymore." Those of us here who have a critical thought capability know otherwise. They aren't eliminating childhood gropings, they aren't changing or modifying them in any way. What they are doing is taking a layered appr:rolleyes:ach and allowing multiple cancer dosings prior to the eventual groping. And one will happen. And one will be eventually caught on film. And then it will be up to us to remind the American People of the lie.

    I'm not going to relay the story exactly right, but the popular uprising in the Middle East started when a college student committed suicide because of a run-in with police. I know that this previous statement waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay oversimplifies the incident. However, it was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. There were hundreds, more likely thousands of previous incidents.

    I don't mean to say that what's going on at TSA checkpoints today is in any way equivocal to the abuse meted out by Middle Eastern dictators. However, it is going to take a series of events to finally get people to wake up. The reports of a TSA abuse or like are now coming out almost weekly, and you see the rage increase with each report. FriendlySkies noted in another thread that in line at DEN, not a single person was smiling. That is my experience, as well. More and more, people aren't just annoyed with the process, they are unhappy. Soon they will be mad. It will take time, but we must be persistent in cataloging and communicating the abuse, as we are doing here at TUG.

    The anti-TSA comments now are running solidly against them. Even 2 days after the story broke, just 10 minutes ago the following quote was left in the comments section on the story:

    People are starting to get it, and they aren't buying into TSA's bs anymore.
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    Here's an outstanding op-ed today from Cato's Gene Healy:


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    Brilliant. Thanks for sharing!
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    I've thought that for some time. Can't say anyone is "profiled" if you do the same stupid things to everyone who comes along. Ironic that they fear complaints from Muslims and Middle Easterners so much they infuriate 100 percent of the traveling public.
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    Don't know where the best place is to post these anymore -- there are so many threads on this site and I find I want to read all of them. But here's another column by Jeffrey Goldberg (whose main gig is at The Atlantic -- his columns get reprinted all over the place, though). This one's at Bloomberg News:
    I left a comment, but it's being held up in moderation. Apparently I've been flagged. Though I always post under my real name and never use foul language (unlike here, where I will use the occasional "(expletive deleted)," etc.), I still seem to ring alarm bells at certain sites.
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    As time goes by, the voices of protest become a little more audible. Just wished some of these people had seen the need to speak when the Patriot Act was being rushed through. Now the pest problem is far advanced, and the exterminators will have to work way harder to root it out.
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    Totally agree.

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