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Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Affection, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Affection

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    Had a couple of interesting experiences so far this weekend:

    1) At LGA, I saw a woman go through and trigger the random "search upgrade" (most often, an ETD swab). You can tell when a random selection occurs because the WTMD will beep as you're walking out of the device. The woman waved her through. I went next, and the smurf tells me I've been randomly selected. I protest that there was no beep indicating random selection, and she says to me, "Yeah, but she had a baby, so you're selected in her place." :rolleyes:

    2) At ATL, I saw a man purposely opt-in. He went to a line that had the MMW roped off, saw that it wasn't operating, and switched to a different line. I didn't have time to wait for him airside to ask why, but I must presume he had some kind of metal in his body and prefered the virtual strip search to the molestation.

  2. Aha, I think this sort of this happened to us! My then five year old son tripped the random alarm. They swabbed his bag, but no big. Then my husband, right behind us, got frisked, no reason given. I think the frisk part of the random got passed on to my husband. Better than my son, but still put me in a very foul mood.
  3. Mike

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    And just more security theater rather than real security. Harassing anyone other than the person who tripped the alarm accomplishes nothing.

    They fail to understand that over time word gets out about this stupidity and the incremental resentment accumulates.
  4. DeafBlonde

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    I think the explanations are pretty simple:
    1) TSA does not want the adverse publicity that would be ganerated by selecting mothers of infants for extra screening. IOW you were an easier target for their security-show-and-tell.

    2) Either what you suspected (metal implants), or the guy was just a closet exibitionist...:oops:
  5. LeeAnne

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    My Mom now does this whenever she flies. She has a metal hip and sets off the WTMD every single time, which results in a grope session, which almost inevitably is horrific for her.

    The last time she got groped, her molester loudly asked "WHATCHOO GOT IN YO PANTS?" because she was wearing a depends. She wears a depends every time she flies because of the time we got stuck in a 90-minute security line when connecting in ATL from an international flight, and by the time we got to the front she had to pee. When she (predictably) set off the WTMD, they made her wait in the roped-off gulag for 20 minutes, while she begged them to let her urinate, which they refused. When she finally got groped, her trousers were (predictably) damp, and when her molester shoved her hand in her crotch she started screaming at her "DID YOU PISS ON ME?? DID YOU PISS ON ME??" which (predictably) made my mother start crying and then completely piss herself. So we had to fly from ATL to LAX with my elderly, disabled mother wearing urine-soaked pants.

    Now she wears depends when she flies, which apparently the molesters don't understand, so they will loudly ask her, in public, what she has in her pants.

    So she will always choose the line with the porno-scanner. She'd rather subject herself to possible cancer-causing radiation (and she is a survivor of breast cancer) than subject herself to sexual molestation and public humiliation.

    How tragic that those are her only two choices if she wants to see her grandchildren.
  6. Doober

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    LeeAnne, are you saying that the porno-scanners detect the depends and that the screeners do nothing but ask your mother what she is wearing? If so, that leaves the door wide open for exploitation by those with ill-intent.

    It seems to me that, if the TSA were really about security, every single person wearing a sanitary product would be hauled off to a private room and forced to prove that the product they were wearing was harmless.
  7. Caradoc

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    There appears to be very little that the TSA and its thugs, thieves, and morons do understand.
  8. LeeAnne

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    No, I'm saying that her Depends are detected during the gropes, and the TSA molesters have a propensity to LOUDLY ask her what they are, forcing her to admit in public, within earshot of who knows how many people, that she is wearing them. This is just absolutely horrific for my proud, dignified mother. So she chooses to go through the scanners whenever she can, even though she is aware that some sicko is viewing her body naked, and she is being subjected to dangerous radiation. She'd rather deal with that, then the public humiliation.

    Only once was she subjected to a grope-down after the scanner, and her molester wouldn't tell her why, although she gave special attention to her crotch area as usual.
  9. I'm glad she doesn't get so much groping after the scanner, but it's interesting to note that her Depends usually aren't detected by the scanner. Wasn't the underwear bomb, similar in concept to a Depends, the whole rationale for urgently deploying the scanners?
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  10. LeeAnne

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    It would be interesting to note, IF there were any semblance whatsoever of logic or rationality behind anything the TSA does. But we all know there isn't. Trying to find anything about the TSA that makes sense is an exercise in total madness.

    And yes, I too am glad that she is subjected to fewer horrifyingly painful and degrading searches now that she seeks out the scanners. But it sure doesn't take away the concern that she is shortening her life by subjecting herself to cancer-causing radiation.
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  11. barbell

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    First, your mother's story enrages me every.single.time I read it. Partly because my own grandmother would have been in the exact.same situation. And mostly because it's just so damn disgusting that she (or any of us) has to make that "choice".

    More importantly to the quoted sentence, the imbeciles of TSA believe if you acquiesce to their demands (everybody goes through useless scanners!) then you are less of a threat. Since Jon has already proven just how ineffective these infernal junkatrons are TSA puts us at far greater risk than if there were no security screening whatsoever. All a terrorist has to do is go through a scanner wearing a bomb-laden depends, that's it. Nevermind there are far, far easier ways to bomb a plane, but I digress. TSA is going to kill a plane load of people some day. They are beyond useless.
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