Haven't flown since October.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by AngryMiller, Dec 12, 2011.

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    Well, the title pretty much says it all. Haven't been groped in a feeble attempt at security. Been able to take as much stuff as my car can carry without anyone complaining and the drinks I've had while driving - iced tea, iced coffee, yummy stuff. Funny thing is that for trips of less than 500 miles it takes about the same amount of time.

    However, I have noticed DHS popping up in the news more often. Noticed they did air to ground surveillance in Jamaica during a police/army raid that resulted in the deaths of several civilians. Also noticed they've been active in pulling down websites for perceived copyright violations (and not allowing anyone to challenge them on it). DHS the give that keeps on giving (much like crabs).

    Seems like everything they touch turns to used food in a heartbeat.
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    8:30 am
    Last weekend, immediately after crossing the Canada - US border (50 feet in), about 26 vehicles were "selected"...
    They were lined up in two columns of thirteen, everyone was told to get out of the cars, leave the keys in the door lock and go to a building, 900 feet away.

    One driver was shouted at, "if you don't get out of the car now, I will shoot you"!

    A box truck drove around the vehicles for about 20 minutes (a scan I guess), and everyone was sent on their way.
    No one ever told people what was happening, nobody ever came to the room that the visitors were sent to.
    Total hold time about 40 minutes.

    If the conversations were anything to go by, the USA just lost a whole lot more trade. Pretty much all of the people were cross border shoppers, most were regular visitors.
    The irony of the wonderful new border agreement (allegedly to help border crossings) was not wasted on these visitors.
    It was inspiring to hear comments like "F*****g fortress America, Welcome to the Nazi camp, etc".
    No doubt some visitors will return to shop again, but for many this was their last trip.

    If this is meant to help the USA get its economy back on track, someone severely misjudged these Canadians.
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    This country has lost its collective mind. I'm so tired of ringing alarm bells about it.
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    Good YouTube video of an incident like this would have a good chance of going viral. The thugs need to be exposed badly.

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