Hearing May 14 in Portland for "Naked American hero" John Brennan

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    Just my read but TSA wants its pound of flesh no matter what. Doesn't matter if the guy didn't really hinder anything but he did push back against TSA and we all know that just isn't allowed. Not permitted to challenge TSA IDIOTS.
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  2. What I'm seeing from this Reason blog post and the blog it is referencing is that TSA and the coastie judge have already levied the $1000 fine, and that the May 14 hearing is Brennan's appeal. Am I understanding this correctly? The judge apparently blocked cameras from the courtroom and just went ahead and did what TSA told him to do. So much for the slim hope that he might be honest and impartial.

    TSA Attempt to Fine Naked Man at Scanner Shows Problems with Administrative Law

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    That's correct. The TSA can fine you whatever and whenever they like. The notice of a fine contains a couple of caveats. They reduce the fine by 50% if you pay it within x number of days. Or, you can request a hearing with an ALJ. So, the fine is on the books. He's going to Kangaroo Court to try to get the ALJ to overrule the TSA clerks. Having said that Coast Guard ALJs hear cases from people who were fined for not having enough life preservers, having dirty engines that pollute, and were caught boating-while-impaired. So, when it comes to the TSA, he's really not that loyal. So, he just might see through what the TSA is trying to do and dismiss the fine. He's got nothing to lose.

    The ALJ's decision will be final and the only recourse is for Brennen to try to sue in regular court.
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    You'll recall that Nadine Hays was charged with battery of a TSA agent, those charges were dropped and after that she got a notice of a fine of $2500, which she said she would refuse to pay. TSA then dropped the fine to $125 and finally dismissed it all together.


    She is also, AKAIK, still pursuing a lawsuit against the TSA.

    It is my hope that Mr. Brennan, too, will refuse to pay his fine even if the kangaroo court upholds it.
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    The ALJ draws a DHS paycheck and that makes his decisions biased. Not a good process for citizens.
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    John Brennan really is an American hero. Without his longsuffering attitude and generousity with his time and money, the rest of us would have no hope of respite from the TSA's ridiculous malfeasance. The TSA is not the only government gang that would love to unfairly terrorize us with arbitrary fines, with particular malice toward those of us who exercise our Constitutional rights.

    If the TSA gets away with fining people as punishment for the TSA's behavior, then when are we ever safe? A government agency we could potentially fine us just because a clerical error on their part led them to waste a few man-hours "investigating" us, our property or our business transactions.

    Citizens can't be held fiscally liable for government agents' dysfunctionalism. The consequences of such a policy would be complete and total anarchy.
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    Conversely, without the willing participation of every single employee of the TSA, that "ridiculous malfeasance" wouldn't be an issue. The problem is not the passengers. The problem isn't even the agency itself. The problem is that they've managed to find 60,000+ thieves, thugs, and morons who're more than willing to stick their hands down people's pants for a paycheck and certain options on outright theft.
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    Portland airport stripper spends five hours in federal court for 15 minutes of nudity
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    How is taking clothing off a disruptive activity? Who decided it was a "disruptive activity?" Are we supposed to believe it's a "disruptive activity, just because we've been told by Van Gordon that it is?

    Just because Van Gordon may have memorized a statement such as "getting naked is a disruptive activity" while in screener training doesn't mean it actually is.
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  10. RB

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    Shouldn't TSA have a list of stated disruptive practices if they can asses fines for such activity? The way it is now anything could be called disruptive.

    I find TSA to be disruptive and fine them to unemployment for life
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  11. Caradoc

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    But if they listed what they consider "disruptive practices," the tewwowists win!

    I fine them each at least two kidneys and a liver, said organs to be donated to people who can put them to better use. Any remaining organs that the attending surgeons find superfluous after those donations will also be donated. ;)
  12. RB

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    We know their brain won't be of any use to anyone.
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    Only to someone who needs a lab example of hypocephalic atrophy.
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    It smacks of "secret laws" as it is.
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