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Discussion in 'New Users' started by ransom, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Just wanted to say hello and to thank everyone here for standing up to the TSA and sharing your experiences with the rest of us. When the NoS (love your lingo here but I have to keep the glossary handy I must admit) first came on line I was --and still am--outraged. I am NOT a frequent flyer, thank goodness and now avoid travel.

    Even after spending the last few hours reading stories and posts I still don't get why people don't see that the machines and pat downs are a violation of the most precious of posessions, the body. What is it that liberty and the pursuit of happiness are about?

    Isn't it clear that agreeing to be violated in public is no different than being violated in your home? What is so sacrosanct about airports and airplanes anyway?

    My first opportunities for opt-out are coming up, we leave for 2-weeks in Europe on Sunday through LAX. Thanks to places like this I am informed about what to do and what to expect. And I am truly grateful for your time and effort; which suddenly struck me as sort of sad -- I am so happy people are willing to stand up -- but how sad that we have to.

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    Welcome to TUG!
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    Welcome to TUG, ransom! We look forward to hearing from you and grateful that you have added your voice to the throng of protestors! :)
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    Welcome aboard!

    Please share your experiences. Knowledge is power, and the more we have, the better the resource we can be.
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    Welcome and good luck on your upcoming trip. Once you're onboard, relax and enjoy!
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    Are you 'that' ransom who posts on other travel fora? (I'm 'that' German ;) ) Either way, welcome. Hopefully you'll find travels in Europe far less stressful, even if you are flying a US carrier to the US and have to go through the games 'requested' by the US government on your return trip.

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