Helmet Cam Captures Monroe County, NY Sheriff's Deputy Losing It as he Yells at Motorcyclist...

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    Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy
    charges motorcycle rider:
    By Davy V.

    On August 5, 2012, Dan Bell was riding his motorcycle, when he drove onto the 390 northbound ramp off West Henrietta Rd, in Rochester, NY.

    Bell, just 39 years old, had no idea what would happen next.

    As Bell was getting ready to merge onto the far left lane on I-390, 36-year old Alfonso Chimera had turned his vehicle around in the middle of the lanes, and was now driving the wrong way, coming directly at Bell.

    Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy:
    "Don't push it with me ok?"
    Chimera hit Bell head on, instantly breaking Dan Bell's neck and sending him flying into the Kendrick Road bridge underpass.

    Bell died at the scene.

    Chimera, who had posted several messages on social media that he was going to commit suicide, also died at the scene.

    Dan Bell, a motorcycle enthusiast, left behind a wife, and 8 children.

    Two of Bell's children, Tyler, 18, and Taylor, 16, have pursued their Dad's love of motorcycles, and are responsible riders.

    And, as responsible riders, out with family friends on Sunday afternoon, they thought they would do the right thing by reporting a reckless driver who kept cutting them off, nearly causing an accident.

    So, when they saw a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy stopped at an intersection, they pulled over, found a safe place to park their motorcycles, and tried to get assistance.

    Dan Bell
    Instead, what they got was an irate Monroe County Sheriff's deputy who walked right up on Gordon King's face, and while pointing his finger just inches away from King, a family friend, the deputy began yelling, losing control, and his temper.

    "Don't give me crap you understand me?", the deputy yells at King in the video below, which was captured by a helmet cam.

    "Call it into 911!"

    As the deputy walks away, refusing to listen to the concerned riders, they are left in shock.

    The deputy, who is now by his cruiser, 2561, then yells "Really? Really?", as he storms back towards the riders and then again begins pointing at King as he continues yelling "Don't push it with me ok?"

    Like I always say Monroe County, NY, your taxpayer dollars at work!

    Click Play to watch video

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