Helmetcams banned in wake of Asiana response

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by KrazyKat, Aug 18, 2013.

  1. KrazyKat

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    Who says the SF Fire Dept doesn't want to learn from their mistakes?
    Citing privacy violation: SF fire chief bans helmet cameras in wake of crash
  2. Mike

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    This is complete bull:poop:. There is no expectation of privacy in a public place.

    The firefighters have NO claim to privacy in this situation.

    There might be an expectation of the patient's privacy (non-release of patient information by EMS personnel -- Frank? Caradoc?) but they never had a chance to treat her. She was set down on the ground by the wing, forgotten & run over.

    This reeks of an embarrassed bureaucrat maneuvering to avoid similar embarrassments in the future. The fire chief is a Luddite who needs to step aside and yield to the 21st century.
  3. Caradoc

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    Within certain limitations, correct. There are expectations of "personal privacy" in many jurisdictions regardless of whether or not it is a "public place," as in the use of surreptitious cameras to record images that would not normally be seen - under clothes, et cetera.

    But a person present in public has no expectation that their face not be visible in the foreground *or* background of any particular image.

    I am not a lawyer, but I would agree with your assessment.

    "Shooting the messenger," as it were.
  4. KrazyKat

    KrazyKat Original Member

    Dead men cams tell no tales.
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