United States Help, I’ve been blacklisted by Global Entry

Discussion in 'Border Controls, Customs and Immigration' started by Lisa Simeone, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I have said this from the beginning about what will happen with the so-called Trusted Traveler program. See the evidence from the Global Entry program: if there's a mistake in the database, a glitch in the software, any innocent mistake, you are screwed. Our overlords don't admit they're wrong. Ever. You will be screwed:


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    Great comment here:

    Just think how quickly problems with the TSA would be resolved if the name of every screener who abused/harrassed a passenger were read on the floor of the House.

    Wonder if we could find a representative willing to do this....
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  3. Mike

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    Farther down the page:

    So he's not really screwed after all. He only received a letter promising secondary inspections, no indication that he actually went through very many, if any, secondary inspections before the issue was resolved.

    That's sucky customer service, but it's what you have to expect from sucky outfits such as DHS & its spawn.
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    Snort!? Error free software? Giggle giggle hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Make it stop please.

    I work with equipment that has databases for inventory management and if you look at the equipment funny then the database stuff goes crazy.
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    However, it is possible to design software that functions with a high degree of reliability. Our normal products will normally function for years on end, if not to the end of their lifespan, with no malfunctions. If that's not good enough for your application, there is a specialty line called "safety systems" that goes a lot farther.
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