Here's a story where the cops did not shoot the agitated, protective dog.

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  1. It's a bizarre story, where the dog and drunk husband were just hanging around the wife's dead and decomposing body. But I was impressed by the way the cops handled the Great Dane:

    It's a little funny that they told the dog to "leave". But then when she didn't, they didn't shoot her. DUH! Is this so hard? Granted it's a Great Dane, and they usually are pretty composed, but they are quite large and intimidating. I'm sure they could have made up some :trash: story about how they feared for their lives and had to shoot her, but instead they took the extra time to call animal control.

    I know many of the other stories involve raids and such, where I guess there isn't time to call animal control, but there have been an abundance of stories where the cops just shoot a dog because, well, it barked, or whatever.
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    yep. applause to these folks who did it right!

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