Higher-risk passengers now screened with less effective technology!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 11, 2012.

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    That would be a great awakening. Maybe you should paste this link as a reply: Is TSA Just Another Airline Subsidy?
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    I think I missed the boat on that one! :oops: I wish more media articles allowed for threaded discussions, rather than one-off comments.

    One question though:

    A while back I looked at the annual cost of screening prior to 9/11. I found some GAO figures that suggested something around $750,000, though when trying to find the figures again to be able to cite if necessary, I came up with poor results. Any links?
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    PM'd the links.
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    I hate threaded discussions -- too geeky, and too hard to follow.

    vBulletin has allowed for threaded responses for years, but I have yet to see it enabled in any real discussion boards.
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    With Disqus at least I can reply directly under someone else's comment, without having to start with "@xyz" or hack together some lame attempting of quoting "xyz said:". I suppose what drives this is sites that want comments, when people really want to engage in conversations and debates.

    But you're right, and what I would really wish for is just a single thread that allows one to quote just like a IBB.

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