Hockey sticks and golf clubs? Maybe not, regardless of what TSA says ...

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Mike

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    ... 'cause the airlines till require them to be checked! Unless the airlines changes their regulations & tariffs, if the newly allowed item doesn't fit in your pocket or carry-on, there's probably no effective change.

    KAAL TV: Airlines May Not Allow the Same Items as the TSA (Mar 6 2013)

    Travelers can spend hours in the security lines at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. However, travel experts we spoke to believe TSA lifting the ban some sports equipment and small pocket knives will cut that wait time in half.


    "It is put upon the flight attendants to find the storage space and they're not exactly adding more overhead bins and closets on board. They're adding more seats." Also adding wait time on the other end of the security line. But nothing is final yet. "If you look at the airline website right now the sports equipment is still considered must be checked luggage," said Lovick.
  2. Mike

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    Have to agree here -- with modern up-to-date bins, you can fit three max-sized regulation carry-ons in a bin if they are loaded properly (end first). Having some jackass put a golf club or hockey stick in a bin will force the carry-ons to be loaded sideways instead of end-first, reducing the capacity by 33-50%.
  3. RB

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    Other than the punitive, airline imposed, checked baggage fees I see no reason for golf bats, hockey sticks, or other such items in the cabin. Anyone traveling with golf bats should have a hard travel case instead of a soft club bag. I have no idea what kind of carriers are avialable for hockey, lacrosse, and other such gear.

    Just leave my Old Timer alone. Besides it fits in my pocket and is not visible to anyone.
  4. Doober

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    IOW, the TSA didn't even bother to look at airline regs regarding sports equipment. Why do I not find this surprising?
  5. JoeBas

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    On the bright side, if you want to strike up an impromptu game of Lacrosse in Terminal C... game on!

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