Arrested TSA Employee Holly Springs police charge TSA supervisor Kerene Helen Kimberly Mohammed with shoplifting

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    Mohammed Kerene Helen Kimberly.jpg
    Kerene Helen Kimberly Mohammed​
    108 Bright Shade Court​
    Holly Springs, North Carolina​
    (address was in News-Observer article,​
    so ok to include here. --Mike)​

    HOLLY SPRINGS — A U.S. Transportation Security Administration supervisor lost her job at Raleigh-Durham International Airport last week after police charged her with stealing about $95 worth of items from a Wal-Mart in Holly Springs.

    Herring said she told officers she was a TSA employee at the time of her arrest.
    John Allen, a public affairs manager with TSA in Atlanta, described Mohammed as a “former employee” of the agency, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security. Allen declined to say when Mohammed stopped working with the agency, but he said that she had been a “supervisory transportation security officer.”
    And no surprise here:
    TSA officials released a statement Tuesday that read in part: “TSA holds its employees to the highest ethical standards and expects all employees to conduct themselves with integrity and professionalism.”
  2. RB

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    Another TSM? Is that 4 now? Rugape with these vacancies popping up all over perhaps there is a chance to advance.

    Why am I not surprised at the continuing (lack of) excellence of TSA.
  3. Mike

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    The kleptocracy strikes again.
  4. Caradoc

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    I think it says everything we need to know about the TSA that someone will "advance" when this sort of thing happens.

    The TSA really has scraped right through the bottom of the barrel.
  5. KrazyKat

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    Not an isolated incident?

  6. Mike

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    Paging Bill, paging Bill Fisher!
  7. Mike

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    Thanks, I added the muggie to the base post.
  8. Mike

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    Appears the media are catching on to TSA's pretense that these are always "former" employees.
  9. Rugape

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    I believe she was an STSOat RDU, not a TSM, and I am uncertain of when she became a "former" employee. If I were not geographically anchored, I would have most likely climbed a few rungs years ago.
  10. Doober

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    How much might she have helped herself to from passengers' carryons and purses over the years?
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  11. RB

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    Anyone that would steal $95 worth of anything can be corrupted to carry packages into secure areas, to turn away when a certain person is doing something, or allow others around them (co-workers) to engage in illegal activities. TSA makes a big show of abusing passengers (TSA calls it screening) yet does nothing to secure the airport from insiders.

    Are we really any better off with TSA? I say NO!

    And once again TSA's BDO's saw nothing in the behaviors of this person to raise red flags.
  12. KrazyKat

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    Even the press calling their BS.
    Same spokeshole as on the Hinckle case:
    The reporter discerned "when" was only after the Thursday afternoon 08/22/13 arrest. "Former" usually is reserved for people`who aren't still on payroll, John Allen.
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    I've removed several unacceptable posts to the moderation area.

    Discuss the topic. Do not attack other members nor make them the subject of your debate, at least not when he/she is not part of the actual story.
  14. Mike

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  15. Fisher1949

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    I saw that this afternoon. Should be quite a gallery when complete.

    Is it just me or does she look like a slimy fortune teller character out of central casting?

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