Homeland Security - what a joke!

Discussion in 'Security' started by Monica47, Feb 20, 2013.

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    Today I had to go to the Navy hospital to turn in a prescription and as I approached the security gate I was motioned over to another lane. There stood a "security officer" who was older than dirt and informed me that they were doing random anti terrorism checks of car consoles. He checked my military dependent ID and asked me to put the car in park, open the console and get out of the car. My car has a two part console - a small one that separates from the larger one below - I opened both. I don't know about everyone else but I have a lot of crap in my console. The upper one holds a small flashlight and the bottom part had several CD cases, a pair of sunglasses in a case and a bottle of hand sanitizer. I got out of the car and by the time I turned around he was done with his "inspection". No way could he have gone through all that stuff in that short amount of time. Being a smart mouth when I got out of the car I asked him if I was going to get a pat down like the TSA gives you. No ma'am he says. He was very nice and respectful during the process and ma'amed me to death and when I was back in my car and buckled back up he gave me a very snappy salute. But as I drove away I was thinking - what about my purse and gym bag in the front passenger seat, the trunk, the backseat etc. He didn't look through any of that. So I guess as long as I didn't have something explosive or whatever in my car console I was good to go. What a colossal joke!
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    Yes it is.

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