Honolulu, the sequel: Return of the Head Slackers

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    So in essence, if your subordinates are slackers and you're too lazy, too stupid or too blind to figure it out, that's cool. :cool: You can now go back to work & non-manage more slackers.

    Honolulu Star-Advertiser: Judge allows airport manager back on job (Oct 30 2012)

    An administrative law judge ruled Monday that a Honolulu Airport manager fired last year over a failure to properly screen checked baggage can return to work, the employee's lawyer said.

    "Management personnel said they were not aware of the checked-baggage irregularities (and) should not have been held liable for people who violated the law," said Kailua attorney G. Todd Withy. "None of these managers admitted knowing anything that was going wrong."


    Withy said his client, Olivier Jodloman, who was a direct manager of the workers found responsible for not checking bags, will receive back pay, and "hopefully he'll go back to work as soon as he can."

    Another one of his clients, the manager above the reinstated manager, came to a confidential out-of-court settlement three months ago, Withy said, as did former Honolulu Police Department Deputy Chief Glen Kajiyama, who had been federal security director in Hawaii since 2007.
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    PoS website requires subscription to comment. More evidence of widespread corruption in our government.

    Judges protect the criminals if they're union or have connections.
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    I realize I'm just a mean, uncaring curmudgeon, but if a manager doesn't know what his managed are doing (or not doing) he's not managing.

    Hawaii News Now: Fired TSA manager reinstated, says he feels "vindicated"

    Former Honolulu Transportation Security Administration manager Olivier Jodloman said he felt like he was "vindicated" when he heard the news Monday that an administrative judge reinstated him to his job after the TSA fired him following a baggage checking scandal. Jodloman was one of 36 TSA employees at Honolulu International Airport fired last year after an investigation found some TSA employees allowed checked luggage to be loaded onto aircraft for several months without being screened for explosives at the end of 2010.

    "I felt that firing all the management team at Honolulu Airport was just unreasonable. These men didn't have any knowledge of what a small group of security officers did when checking bags," said his lawyer, Todd Withy. Jodloman appealed to the Merit Systems Protection Board in Washington, D.C., and Withy said an administrative law judge sided with his client, reinstating him with back pay to September of last year when he was fired from his $62,000-a-year job.

    "They had no evidence that these individual managers knew what was going on. These security officers obviously hid what they were doing. And they were just trying not to work hard, basically," Withy said. Jodloman said he was one of the 59 original screeners hired in Honolulu in 2002, when TSA was created in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks. He recently worked as a training supervisor and oversaw nine checked baggage checkpoints when he was fired in September 2011, after nearly ten years on the job.
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    I wrote "over there" that the guy's reported salary makes him anywhere from a maxed-out GS-9 to a mid-level GS-11. This "manager" was a 2 or 3-stripe clerk.
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    Incompetent managers are the only kind that TSA hires. Just look at Pissy.
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    Why would anyone with any bit of competence sign on with TSA? There is nothing lower left for a slacker.
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