Hoping that TSA Doesn't Read "The Smoking Gun"

Discussion in 'What's On Your Mind?' started by RB, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Pistole will be ALL over this. He's extremely jealous of anything over 2 inches.

    But REALLY!!! With that kind of holster, you're crazy not to opt for a hammerless snubby.
  3. DeafBlonde

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    The title of the article is: "Cops believe inmate hid 10-inch revolver in his rectum. Luckily, it was unloaded." The title should probably be: "Rather than admit they either failed to search the suspect before placing him in the jail cell, or they failed to find the revolver left by another suspect in the jail cell, cops choose to believe the inmate hid it in his rectum."

    Something is not right here. Ask yourself when did the suspect insert the weapon into his rectum? It would have had to have been before he was pulled over by the cops, right? Who in the world carries an unloaded revolver in their rectum just in case they are pulled over by the police??? Would he have had time to insert it before he was pulled over? How could he have inserted it after he was stopped and arrested? I would assume that law enforcement SOP requires that a suspect be observed at all times, either by humans or video cameras, until they have been thouroughly searched. Didn't they make him "squat and cough"? If not, why not?

    IMHO, the only conclusion here is: Cops are lying to cover up their screw-up!
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    Good news, it was not an AK-47 !
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    Um I'm having a hard time believing this, as a object like(not smooth or rounded) that is going to tear something and bleed like a stuck pig(sorry the medic mentality never turns off) . I think the po po didn't do a search or did it incorrectly and are trying to cya after the fecal material hit the rotating oscillator.
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    Precicely! *touching index finger to tip of nose*
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    Dirty money, if you ask me.
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    This reminds me, sadly, of the movie "Maria Full of Grace," which we just watched the other night. So apt and so depressing.
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    offal. simply offal.
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