House Subcommittee on Transportation Security report and hearing

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by lkkinetic, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. nachtnebel

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    uh. I guess the SSI thing's not working on Congress, is it? So much for dipsh*t Janet's claim that we've all gotten used to a "real police frisk" at the airport. I'd say not.

    Let me supply the reason why TSA continues to use the crotch, boob, and butt rubdowns despite it being universally hated:
    1. Arrogance (in the words of Pistole, "get used to it or don't fly). We have no need to make sure our procedures are Constitutional. Our googling shyster Francine says its OK. We don't care what you (the American traveling public) think or how you feel about what we do. WE do not respond to YOU.
    2. Stupidity (all this effort on non threats, grandmothers, little kids, families, no efforts on below the wing activity with unvetted, unmonitored, unscreened airport vendors and employees)
    3. Wickedness. There is a complete absence of moral understanding both at TSA headquarters and in the TSA clerk rank and file of what these procedures do to people, the real nature and consequences of this personal violation without cause--explicitly forbidden under the 4th Amendment, lack of empathy, and so forth. None of these people should ever be allowed into a position of trust ever again. They should be jailed.
    The bell is tolling for TSA. Yet they continue to insist that everyone just loves them.
  2. CelticWhisper

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    I haven't "forgotten" that we face an alleged "threat," Halinski, you TRAITOROUS PILE OF (expletive deleted). I know full well what happened 11 years ago-- Oh, damn, there I go with the vague talking-around and overly-sensitive hinting language again.


    I haven't forgotten that 2 fully-loaded 747s flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Center, ripping giant holes in the buildings' superstructures, showering the streets below with shards of glass, metal, and concrete, exploding in massive fireballs which instantly killed hundreds, and then sending the buildings smashing to the ground in massive eruptions of dust, fire and debris, slaughtering thousands more after some already leapt to their death rather than face the flames and collapse of the buildings.

    Haven't forgotten at all. And I haven't forgotten that TSA's violations of civil rights are intended to prevent it from happening again.

    So when do we abolish TSA? Sooner is better, because the constitutional rights of the people must always be protected, no matter the cost. Rights first, lives only if they can be saved without compromising freedom and the right of an individual to be left alone to go about their peaceful business.
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    They might be intended to do so, but they're certainly not designed to do so.
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    umm who said that? Was it a congress critter?

    If memory serves me right 2 767's hit the WTC and 1 757 into the west wall of the pentagon and United 93 (757) in shanksville. 747 any variant has a very distinctive look just like the A380.
  5. Mike

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    'cept 747 airframes ordered as freighters from the factory -- they lack the upper deck & hump.
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    ... really or do you mean 747 LCF that is a solid double decker ala A380. Who is pulling comments like that out of there posterior?
  7. Mike

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    LCF is just a special upper body, a 747 version of the Super Guppies.

    My recollection is that at one time you could order plain 747 freighters which would not have the hump & upper passenger deck.
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    that would be news to me as as I thought the whole design spec for the 747 was with the dome. If someone has pictures Id like to see that.
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  10. N965VJ

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    The zenith of attacks against commercial aviation passed by decades ago, before 9/11. By using the same logic in beating the drum about one-off events that will not be repeated, we should've been fortifying the west coast in 1952 against a Japanese attack. Leave the terrorist hunting to agencies tasked with stopping it at the planning stages.

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