How many screeners have attended college?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Oct 13, 2011.

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    The Corsair Online: Homeland Security/Emergency Management training courses to be offered at SMC

    Duh ... If you can read a pizza box, what else matters?

    I thought there were 62,000 screeners. Are the other 59,300 beyond redemption?
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    Based on what I have seen very few seem to have a diploma or GED. Then if they do have those they either failed out of college or never attended. It partially explains the attitude and general stupidity from this lifeform.
  4. The idea of a Homeland Security course at a community college is pretty laughable. What would be taught that they haven't taught them already? The screeners would be much better served with courses in things like chemistry, multiculturalism, anatomy and physiology. Except, then they would have the tools to question the ridiculous policies and procedures they follow.

    Also, in a college course, community or no, free expression and critical thinking is encouraged, sometimes required. This would also seem to be a disconnect from the way DHS does things.
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    It was people who *did* graduate from college that put these clerks up to strip searching and feeling us all over. It was an Ivy league grad who created DHS and TSA and funded the research for the nude scanners.

    clearly, education is not everything.
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    Education and Degrees don't equal intelligence. I know people with very expensive pieces of paper on there wall and PhD, JD & MD after there name who had no common sense and couldn't find there way out of a wet paperbag. Some of the smartest people I know only have a diploma and very little college coursework completed but yet the best teachers/mentors I've had to this point.
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