How safe is the cargo on passenger flights?

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Feb 16, 2012.

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    Why should the TSA worry about screening cargo? The traveling public does not see the guts of baggage handling areas, so let's just play act with 9,000 VIPR operations a year. :rolleyes:
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    This one TSA has yet to explain as to why the SLF is raped to know end but a WMD can be loaded in the belly without as much as a rat sneeze or second look.
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    There's no ego stoking or personal gratification over asserting dominance over baggage nor can baggage be socially conditioned, also baggage and other inanimate objects cannot successfully convinced/scared, at least not on a consistent basis, that being swindled is for their own safety.
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    Yes, but there is the fringe benefit for TSA employees being able to supplement their income by selling stolen items from checked bags on eBay. :confused::rolleyes:
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    Air cargo is is not checked baggage, and it's probably a lot less interesting, e.g. we receive lots of circuit boards from Thailand for which there is no secondary market. Once it's been checked it would go into a container, not make a trip to the tarmac on a conveyor belt where it can be rifled through before loading.
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