How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

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    My twenty-something son sent me this article today which I read and absorbed with great interest so wanted to share. I know nothing about the source, maybe someone on TUG does but my son has gotten very wary of government, big business, higher education, politics and seems to be on his own crusade at the moment. Of course being unemployed has contributed.

    It's titled 8 Reason Why Young American's Don't Fight Back; How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

    As I was reading it I was thinking a lot of these points don't just apply to the youth of this country. The same can be said for baby boomers.
    So if this is to be believed, who's behind this great "conspiracy"?
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    FetePerfection, I don't see it as a great conspiracy. I see it as historical, political, and cultural trends. There doesn't have to be a conspiracy for events to "conspire," in a metaphorical sense, to create the society they do.

    I remember reading that Alternet article when it came out. Those bulleted points can all be traced to policy decisions. Debt, for instance, doesn't just happen; it benefits banks and corporations. Just like the scanners didn't just happen; they were pushed by those who stood to profit from them. Etc.
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    Economic coercion. Does wonders for bully bosses in the workplace. Comply or die.
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