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    Going through 800+ pages of FOIA/PA docs looking for interesting bits etc, I came across two interesting quotes responding to two different complaints:

    "… the contact lens referred to is a product called "ClearCare" which contains hydrogen peroxide. This can be used together with other ingredients as an explosive material."

    "However there has been an ongoing debate about this particular type of contact lens solution. Some airports allow and some don't."

    Evidently they think someone's going to manufacture acetone peroxide on a plane. Or maybe not. Evidently they don't even have an agency-wide decision about whether hydrogen peroxide is or isn't an "explosive material".

    ETA, yet another complaint: "Contact lens solutions are considered over-the-counter medications and are allowed in carry-on bags."

    … in other words, they have a deliberate and inconsistent policy of violating their own medical liquids policy. How. Interesting.
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