Hypersensitive Cops Use Internet Stalking Law to Punish YouTube Meanie

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by Lisa Simeone, Aug 15, 2011.

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    Hypersensitive Cops Use Internet Stalking Law to Punish YouTube Meanie
    I have to say that this is an example of "be careful what you wish for." As a lefty, I've always been disturbed by my compatriots' insistence on legislating so-called hate speech. I don't believe such a category should even exist. I've crossed swords with them many times over this. Speech is speech, and freedom of speech is exactly that. That means you have the right to say nasty, insulting, offensive things to me or to anyone else. There might be consequences for your saying those things -- in the form of social opprobrium or perhaps a punch up the glob -- but you still have the right to say them. We shouldn't be legislating speech.

    The impulse behind these laws may have been virtuous, but the effect is still stifling and repressive.
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    I remember when the EPA came into existence during the Nixon administration. It has managed to significantly change the initial focus to something that I find repressive. Same thing with hate speech laws. Two angry people are screaming at each other and both use demeaning and derogatory phrases. Hate speech? Might be depending on who screams the loudest.

    Cyber stalking over this? No, but it is plenty embarrassing to people who have the ability to enter your house, shoot your dogs, and hold you and your family at gun point while executing a search warrant for the wrong address. Too bad there isn't a law on the books for official oppression.

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