I couldn't sleep last night......

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    From reports we have read, it would appear that one does not get hauled off to a private room unless one tests positive for explosives. For those who no longer visit the other place, I offer the latest report of a trip to the private room: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/trav...42851-got-go-private-room-tonight-7-31-a.html

    Therefore, I posit the following:

    A terrorist cell finds three suicidal and willing players. The plan is to have one go through wearing underwear full of explosives, while the other two have detonators.

    The one wearing the explosive has the underwear put on him while he is wearing gloves; the dressers wear gloves also. Afterwards, his body is thoroughly vacuumed and washed to get rid of as much of the explosive as possible. He is put into his traveling clothes by yet another set of dressers who have not come into direct contact with the explosive.

    (Prior to this, the terrorists have had several run-throughs of this scenario, dressing the bomber, leaving him in his clothes for many hours and then running their own ETD on him to see what might be picked up.)

    So now comes the trip to the airport. The three arrive at the airport in separate vehicles, having bought their tickets separately and have selected seating in different areas of the aircraft.

    First person with detonator goes through security without a problem. The person wearing the explosive goes through a couple of travelers later; the third person is still in line waiting to go through. Explosive-carrier goes through WBI which shows the diaper and he is taken aside for a rub down. If the ETD comes out negative, he gets on the plane. If the ETD is positive, he is told he must go to the private room. At that point, one of the travelers with detonators sets off the device.

    If they all get on the plane, well, then the plane goes boom.

    Oh, I am so sorry! I forgot that the BDOs would have SPOTted all three of these people and taken them down before any harm could be done.

    I couldn’t sleep last night……
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