I Had To Laugh At AVP

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    My wife & I were heading home from Vacation. AVP (Wilkes Barre / Scranton) to IAH
    (Houston). We were the only two going through Security at that time. My wife feels I'm overly critical concerning TSA, but I made her see the light when I explained this to her.

    TSA Goober was waiting with the swab stick, and swabbed my wife's hands. (Not mine) She was positive for something, and was pulled aside. Everything was checked, and they gave her a grope. Now let me say that they were very friendly and pleasant, and it was a not an evasive grope, but while they were doing this, I was through, and waiting. (but watching closely)
    At the gate, we got into one of our usual TSA pro's & con's discussion, and I gave her my point of view.

    * She registered positive, and was checked. I went straight through.
    * We were traveling together. Same last name, and destination.
    * She had a bag full of snacks.
    * I had a Computer bag full of electronics.

    If she checked positive, why didn't they decide to swab me. After all, we're together, same name, same destination, etc. I could have built a dangerous device, and she could have gotton a trace of residue from me, but I rolled through, electronics and all, without as much as a second glance.

    Security theater? You betcha!!!
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