"I pledge allegience to the Superintendent..."

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    School District Has Tykes Pledging Allegiance to Teachers and Educrats
    J.D. Tuccille | June 20, 2012
    [​IMG]From the Department of "we are your masters and we deserve your respect" comes news that students at one New Jersey school have, for the past ten years, been reciting a pledge of allegiance a tad creepier than the traditional flag-worshipping one that so many of us suffered through as school-attending tykes. At Morganville, New Jersey's Asher Holmes Elementary School, in the Marlboro Township Public Schools, the wee ones have been promising their devotion to teachers and educrats. Really.
    The pledge as reported by Marlboro-ColtsneckPatch is:
    I pledge allegiance to Asher Holmes and the Marlboro Township School District and to the teachers who help us learn, all that we need to know for the future. We promise to respect ourselves and others, to try our best and always be proud of our schools.​
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    Oh, well. It's nonsense, but I can't get worked up about it. All those years of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance didn't dim any of my dissident tendencies.
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    That pledge reminds me of a better one out of the Harry Potter books: "I solemnly swear I am up to no good"
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    Another quote from the article:

    Board member BonnieSue Rosenwald said she doesn't have a problem with school songs or cheers, but saluting the flag while reciting a different pledge is not an appropriate time.
    "Just because it was done for ten years, doesn't mean it is right, and doesn't mean it should continue to be done," Rosenwald said. "

    Many places, years of doing it wrong is called "experience".

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