I turned down a government search today...

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  1. and it felt pretty good! A lady from the city came by for a periodic property inspection and asked me some questions about the house. She had all the information and was just verifying, so I went ahead and answered, though I pretended I didn't know what she meant when she asked about the house's kitchen expansion, which was done before we bought the place. Then she asked if she could easily get into the backyard to take a picture. Tricky! Didn't ask my permission, just asked if she was going to have trouble getting back there. I said I'd prefer she didn't. When she asked if there was a reason she couldn't go back there, I wish I said "the fourth amendment" but I wasn't that clever on the fly. I told her I just didn't want anybody back there, and she was on her way.

    Overall I acted suspicious of her, too, even though she had proper ID and everything. It felt good to not cooperate.
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    If state laws allow it, they can apply for an administrative search warrant & return. Somwhat more likely, if they didn't believe your answers, they'll just set your valuation for the max of what they think is there, and the burden will then be on you to prove otherwise.

    Probably nothing at all will come of it.

    I regularly get the business cards of assessors at my cabin door (never here in the city), but none have ever been inside or even actually talked to be in the 30 years that I've owned homes.

    At the cabin, you might think that they'd be smart enough to work weekends, but not a chance ... They go fishing, too. :D
  4. Well, if they get a warrant, then I will be glad to allow a search. :)

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