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  1. RB

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    Napolitano: DHS Authorizing Illegal Aliens to Work in U.S.

    By Edwin Mora
    October 19, 2011


    read the comments after the article, the outrage grows.

    I am not anti immigration but I am certainly anti illegal immigration. I thought senior government types took an oath to defend the United States including enforcing our laws.

    If the law is wrong then change the law. Otherwise either comply with the oath or resign.
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    Today is turning out to be one of those days that I MUST stop reading the news, otherwise I'll have a stroke sooooo....stepping away and going to my happy place.:)
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  3. CelticWhisper

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    Actually, I'm glad for this.

    Illegal immigration is one of those hot-button issues for a lot of people and if word gets out that Nappy's responsible for authorizing illegal labor, then it could be a massive hit to her credibility and political future.

    Time will tell, but I'm hoping this blows up in her face. In a truly epic fashion.
  4. Doober

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    Did anybody see the news segment on Tuesday night on this subject? An illegal being deported was followed on his flight back to Honduras by a news reported. This particular man had been deported once previously and had come back - just as he was planning on returning again to the U.S.

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