Arrested TSA Employee IAH smurf Karla Morgan busted for theft in June 2011

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  1. Mike

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    Somehow this snuck by us ...

    ABC Local KTRK: TSA agent arrested on accusations of theft (June 17 2011)

    A TSA agent at Bush Intercontinental Airport has been arrested amid accusations of theft. Officers arrested Karla Morgan, 49, Thursday for theft. Police say an undercover officer gave Morgan a wallet he said he found with a thousand dollars inside. Investigators say Morgan put the wallet in her backpack and walked out of the airport. Officers then arrested Morgan in a parking lot.

    In a statement issued to Eyewitness News Thursday night, the Department of Homeland Security said: [usual meaningless bull:poop: deleted]

    The TSA had been conducting an internal affairs investigation for a while. Morgan began working for the agency in September 2002.

    I stumbled on this just now as I was Googling for info on a rumor that Houston airport had announced that people would arrested if they insulted TSA.
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    I've asked the person who posted about the Houston airport announcement for a reply - if I get one I'll post it here.
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    Ok, here is the response I received from the poster on Twitter regarding the announcement at the Houston airport that people would be arrested if they insulted TSA.

    klj47 @klj47 02 Aug

    @rudepundit did you actually hear this announcement?

    The Rude Pundit

    @klj47 @SaytheFourth Totally heard it. It might have been "offensive," but I remember "insulting." And, yes, arrest. No doubt.
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    And I'm sure after much intense investigation the spokeholes will officially tell us all proper procedures were followed.:rolleyes:

    edit: oh and the smurf was going to drive all the way to wallet owner's home to personally hand over the wallet. THAT'S it. :rolleyes:x100
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    I guess the Pedosmurfs got tired of passengers doing the "When Harry Met Sally" thing during a grope.
  6. Mike

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