if a tree falls....

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    Tree falls on NSW passenger train

    Posted 40 minutes ago

    A large tree has crashed onto a passenger train at Medlow Bath railway station, west of Katoomba in the NSW Blue Mountains.
    Initial reports indicate up to 30 people were on board the train at the time and four people have been injured.
    The train has sustained major damage with the tree remaining on top of the carriage.
    Meanwhile, thousands of NSW residents remain without power as gale force winds bring down trees and powerlines.
    The worst affected areas are the Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Illawarra and South Coast where 33,000 customers are without power.
    The conditions are making it difficult for crews to restore power, with wind gusts of up 137 kilometres per hour felt in some areas.
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    Reminds me that we couldn't go to Katoomba on our last trip -- the rail lines were closed & we found out too late in the day to rely on the buses to get us there & back. I had some relatives (cousins of cousins) who worked on the narrow gauge railway there. One of them reportedly ran a miniature train (but large enough to carry people) in his back yard -- have no idea if it's still around.

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