Image Problem (demise of backscatter)

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    Travel Weekly: Image Problem


    In hindsight, it's easy to say that we never should have gone down this road, but some of us were saying that before this journey began, so it's even easier to say it again: Machines that produce the kinds of images produced by the backscatter machines should never have been deployed in the first place.

    The TSA vigorously, if not stubbornly, defended these machines. Now they're gone, leaving a $40 million hole in the TSA's credibility.
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    Not sure my post there will ever see the light of day:

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    Yet no one is taken to task for this and other blunders at TSA. How many millions of dollars has TSA squadered on equipment that just doesn't work or is not acceptable to the public? These DHS/TSA employees, contractors, and others (CHERTOFF) still draw the government paychecks, high dollar contracts and continue doing the same thing. The taxpayers of this country are being ripped off by TSA not to mention the TSA LIARS CORP that trumpet how great these failed devices are. Bobby Burns, want to tell us again just how tame the Backscatter Images are?

    edit to add.

    Just left a response at the link in OP's post. Waiting for approval.
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    Apparently not approved. Guess mentioning TSA liars by name rubbed the wrong feathers.
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    Are you including the current crop of blue-gloved knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers as "equipment?"

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