Inebriated Runners Wearing TSA Costumes Get Swarmed by Police Near Airport Runway [FLL]

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    A drinking club with a running problem​

    Broward-Palm Beach New Times Blog: Inebriated Runners Wearing TSA Costumes Get Swarmed by Police Near Airport Runway (Aug 5 2013)

    Dubbing themselves "a drinking club with a running problem," Fort Lauderdale's Hash House Harriers went on their usual Monday night run last week. Runners never know in advance the exact route their leader has planned, but they sometimes get a hint. This week, they knew that the run would be TSA-themed.

    The night started off all fun and drinking games in a Publix parking lot in Dania Beach, but would eventually lead to to handcuffs, tears, and eventually, more booze after police brought an abrupt end to their run .

    An international social club, the Hash House Harriers began in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur after British expats would run every Monday together. Loosely based on the children's game "Hares and the Hound" -- but with booze -- one person, the "hare," leads the run, making a new route every time and leaving a trail of flour behind him. Then the runners, or "hounds," must follow the hare's trail full-circle back to the alcohol. Along the run are booze stops from beginning to end, and a rabbit-hole of sexual innuendo, and harmless hazing.

    About 30 or 40 runners, many outfitted in costumes mocking airport security, arrived at the parking lot around 6:30 Monday night, July 29, for their warm-up tailgate with booze and jello shots. A runner nicknamed "Virgin Captain" (hashers don't use their real names, but rather address one another with naughty nicknames they earn once they have set up a trail) had choreographed this week's run, which he hinted would pass the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.


    After crossing through a park, a suburban neighborhood, and then over railroad tracks, the hounds reached their first beer check. After socializing and drinking some more, they continued onward -- about half of them with beers still in hand -- through a sand-spurred field and eventually onto Griffin Road opposite the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport.

    Here, after running on the sidewalk alongside the fence that surrounds the airport's runways, the hares were met by their first cop car .

    Now go read the rest of it on their blog -- I can't copy the whole darned thing!
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    I can picture exactly where these people were running. There is an small gas station on Old Griffin Road about 1/2 mile or so from the airport where I gas up the rental car before turning it in when I am in FLL.
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    Wow, sure is. I used to get gas there too on the way back to the airport when I worked in the Ft Lauderdale area.

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