InfoWars: Big Sis Launches Undercover TSA Spies To Ride Houston Buses

Discussion in 'Railways, Highways, Waterways' started by Mike, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Lisa Simeone

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    I went through these arguments a year ago, when the DC Metro announced it was starting -- with gobs of DHS money, of course -- random, warrantless searches in the subway. I couldn't find one -- not one -- of my friends and colleagues, many of whom are lawyers or journalists -- to give a (expletive deleted) (other than the tiny handful who already get it, none of whom are lawyers or journalists). I'm not kidding. I publicized the (expletive deleted) out of it. I got the usual rolled eyes and yawns, and, of course, "Yeah, I'll let them search me; what's the big deal? I don't have anything to hide."

    I'm talking people who work at the Sun, at NPR, at the UMD Law School, at the federal government itself. "What's the big deal?"

    This is where we are in this country.

    And as the comments all over the blabbosphere, including at Jennifer Abel's column in the Guardian, prove, you can't get through to these people.
  2. DeafBlonde

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    True, but this is hitting too close to MY HOME!! If I have to yell and scream and set my hair on fire to protest this :trash:, I will. And I think a lot of other Houstonians are on the same page...we'll see!
  3. Frank

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    Wasn't this the genius that on a "fact-finding" trip to JPL tried to get the Mars rover over to the Apollo 11 landing site?
  4. Frank

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    Yup. And the cops can say "You are under arrest for disorderly conduct." If I'm going to be arrested anyway, it may as well be for choking a Pedosmurf.
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  6. nachtnebel

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    ...and yet, there is a substantial and stubborn resistance (pardon that term) against this. It would be a lot worse if this were not the case. You don't have to have a majority or close to it to make things uncomfortable for these jerks. We're not going away, and feelings are getting more intense, not less. The economic power feeding this is crumbling at a much faster rate, not long from now even the sheeple will notice it.

    Anyone who expects the status quo to continue here or anywhere else in government for very long is deficient in simple math.
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  7. Mike

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    Already backtracking & trying to downplay the role of TSA's brownshirts ...

    Houston Chronicle: Anti-terror Metro program monitors bus passengers

    Also trained, in my personal experience with these jackasses, to get into your face & push your buttons until you respond, and then they can finger you for further abuse.

    Memo to Metro Police Chief Victor Rodriguez: It's voodoo junk science, not subjected to peer review. The established academic community wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole.
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  8. Mike

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  9. Mike

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    Digital Journal: TSA agents join undercover cops aboard Houston bus system

    Expertise? What expertise?
  10. Mike

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    The Daily Cougar: No need for TSA on buses

    That last sentence is particularly important: Most urban transit systems already run at a loss. Anything that discourages signifinant numbers of residents from patronizing the transit systems will amplify those losses.
  11. Mike

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    RT: TSA installs undercover agents on Texas busses

  12. Elizabeth Conley

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    What worries me is that high gas prices may force people onto buses, and VIPR's abuse of citizens' rights may lead to retalliatory violence. Then the DHS will ratchet up the abuses, because they will see the violence as vindication for their unconstitutional policies.

    Like I've said in the past: authoritarians create their own problems. The trouble is that the DHS will force us to live their fantasy of being heroic saviors against terrorism. Their fantasy will prove to be our dystopia, as it will be ordinary Americans who will be abused by VIPR scum and then caught in the crossfire between Patriots and VIPR filth.
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  13. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Perhaps, or there will be a couple good riots/uprisings against the VIPR scum, at which point the brighter local authorities will see the light and choose to do without their "assistance".

    Gas prices aren't going to stop people from driving. Been to Europe lately? $7, 8, 9+ a gallon doesn't phase people, although at some point Americans will have to give up their land whales.

    People ride buses who don't drive, or for whom parking & geographical considerations make driving difficult. If you start harassing, searching & groping them, they will start to re-evaluate the avoided hassles (e.g. parking) and in many cases will choose to cope with those hassles rather than tolerate TSA's morons.
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  14. Lisa Simeone

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  15. nachtnebel

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    This is probably concentrating on poorer neighborhoods where they're likely to get less pushback. Less money to deploy lawyers.
  16. Lisa Simeone

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    Exactly. People who rely on public transportation in most -- not all -- cities tend to be poorer. And they can't afford to be late for work or just get hassled by some goon with a badge. I don't blame them for not refusing a search. They're in a tough position.

    I do blame all the other people out there who can stand up for themselves, who aren't in a tough position, who won't lose anything by asserting their rights, but who are too clueless and gutless to do so. That means the so-called privileged classes (such as the lawyers, academics, and journos I've talked to). I have nothing but contempt for them. They have brought us to this pass. They allow the abuse to go on at the airports and now everywhere else.
  17. DeafBlonde

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    I am one of those people. I couldn't have stated it better myself. Thank you, Mike! ^
  18. Fisher1949

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  19. Frank

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    While the thought of Pedosmurfs decorating lamp posts is a lovely one, the local gestapo will reluctantly come to their aid.
  20. JoeBas

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    Bottom line: What does an idiot who's losing at the blackjack table start doing? Doubling down.

    That's all this is. The wider net you cast, the more people you piss off, the sooner your end comes. And too long it's been already.

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