Interesting Harvey Molotch article on TSA. Needs comments from TUGGERS!

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by LeeAnne, Oct 14, 2012.

  1. LeeAnne

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    Very interesting piece. I agree with some parts of it, disagree with others. I find it concerning that he considers the possibility of reforming the TSA to be even remotely of value, when the entire concept is rotten to the core. But at least he points out the absurdity of even going through the motions of supposedly protecting planes, when in doing so they are creating an even bigger target just by having the crowded lines to begin with! Although I think he could have made the point a little stronger that the very fact that no tewwowist has ever tried to blow up a TSA checkpoint is proof positive that there are no tewwowists trying to blow up planes. (Which, of course, seems painfully obvious to those of us in here, but somehow has escaped the notice of the logic-challenged AFS public.)

    Anyway, I would love to see some more TUG comments in there!
  2. RB

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    Looks like comments have to be reviewed by the censors before posting.

    Edit to add:

    Comment made it past the censors although I had to trim it by 250 words.

  3. Caradoc

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    Not just the concept, but the entire corps of TSA employees is rotten to the core as well.

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