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    Amen to that.
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    Need to break that quote into two pieces ...

    People have always yearned for the days of olde, but they were never really as great as they are in one's memory. People today are no different than earlier generations.

    This is the change, and there's really nothing than can or will be done to "fix" it.

    Air travel is been commoditized, and competition ("deregulation") has brought the cost of air travel down to within reach of almost everyone. Public carriers cannot pick & choose what segments of the population they will serve.

    In 1960, most air travelers were upper middle class folks who dressed up in suits for the occasion. Those less well off who could still manage to travel were on ocean liners in "steerage" class. Today just about anyone can scrape up the cost of a plane ticket to somewhere -- I've bought one-way segments as low as $30.
  3. This reminds me of my experience flying in and out of Las Vegas when I lived there. For a while I flew about monthly. In general, there were a lot of tourists who thought that, because they were in Vegas, laws, good sense, and common courtesy did not apply. (A couple times, for example, I had drunk people walk into the middle of a busy street, in front of my car, and just stand there, actually challenging me. Not a crosswalk or anything. Just the middle of the road.) It was really heightened on the airplane, both in and out of Vegas, because all these people who thought they didn't have to act normal on their Vegas vacation were all locked into a close space. There were people rampantly not following the seatbelt rules, getting up and opening the bins right after take-off, passed out drunk in their aisle seats blocking in the people on the windows, etc. And then there was all the general hollering ("Vegas, baby!") and carousing and discussing of drunken debauchery loud enough for the whole plane to hear.

    I've never experienced this level of silliness flying in and out of ANC, or any other places, really. Vegas was an extreme case. But I can see how a pilot, watching this stuff every day, would recognize a more subtle uptick on the poor behavior scale.
  4. You know, this is actually probably part of the thinking of people like Pistole and Napolitano as to why air travelers need to be herded like cattle and screened like criminals. It's way too proletariat and uncontrolled for a bureaucrat's comfort. It's also probably a large part of the thinking that PreCheck is reasonable -- separate out the more affluent people who "don't deserve" to be treated like the rest of the unwashed masses.

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