United States Internal border checkpoint depresses real estate values

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    Arizona Republic: Study: I-19 checkpoint affecting home values in southern Arizona (Dec 28 2012)

    "This regression analysis does clearly suggest that the checkpoint is associated with fairly large negative impacts on the difference in housing prices in the Tubac/Rio Rico area compared to those in Green Valley and that those negative impacts are increasing over time," the study says.
    "I think it is generally a deterrent to people wanting to come down," said Tubac real-estate agent Gary Brasher, one of the checkpoint's more steadfast critics, in response to the new report.
    Brasher, a board member of the Tubac Chamber of Commerce, said there is no doubt in his mind that the I-19 checkpoint has discouraged potential shoppers and home-buyers from coming south to Tubac, even though longtime residents may not see a big difference.
    Former Tubac Chamber of Commerce President Garry Hembree, owner of Old Presidio Traders, said he knows of people who live north of the checkpoint saying they no longer visit Tubac.
    "I know a number of people feel that way about the checkpoint," he said. "There's no way it cannot have affected our business since they made it permanent."
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    Gee, people don't want to deal with a Gestapo checkpoint? Who knew?
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    Why do we need internal border checkpoints when NAPPY turns criminal illegals loose on citizens?

    Sure seems to be a waste of our tax dollars.
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    I know these checkpoints would effect my decisions about where to work, live and shop. The entire DHS creeps me out. I want nothing to do with any of them.

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