Introducing TapIn, an iPhone App Essential for Citizen Journalists

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    The Silicon Valley developers who are allowing us to test their new citizen journalism iPhone app for Saturday’s photo walk/protest are still putting the final touches on their website and the app itself, but they just gave me the green light to make a formal announcement.
    The app is called TapIn and will allow users to record video footage that is automatically live-streamed and stored in a cloud, making it impossible for police to delete the footage, even if they do confiscate your phone because it is not possible to delete the footage on the cloud from the phone.
    This is how David Tyler, one of the four developers who built the app, describes it:
    We're building the easiest way to go from seeing something interesting happening to sharing video of it.​
    We're really excited by the work people like Carlos are doing to make the world more transparent.​
    As the news moves from a centralized service to a collaborative process, we want to enable anyone to contribute to the story.​
    This weekend is a test run of something we think will revolutionize the way video journalism is conducted.​
    To obtain the app, send an email to Tylor at with your UDID, which is not a birth control device, but a number assigned to your iPhone that can be obtained by connecting your phone to iTunes, then placing your cursor on the serial number, which turns it into a longer number.
    That longer number is your UDID. I made a screenshot of it and sent to him because I was unable to cut and paste and I didn’t feel like typing in each number individually.
    It also helps if you send him your phone number in case there are updates before this weekend, but that is not necessary.
    I played around with it a little today and the quality of the video is much better than what I've seen on Qik and maybe even a little better than the regular iPhone video camera, if that's possible.
    TapIn will be made available for the Android in a few months.
    Please send stories, tips and videos to

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    You'll have to decide if you wish to provide your UDID. There are privacy issues, and Apple no longer allows apps in the App Store that require UDID use.While many developers were used to using the technique (mainly without bad intent) other methods are available.

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