IRS Tracking Your Every Move Online

Discussion in 'Civil Rights & Privacy' started by nachtnebel, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. RB

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    Send them to Sheriff Joe's place.
  2. Mike

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    It's been a looonnnggg night, but I've written my first WordPress plug-in! :)

    It's just a prototype (didn't feel like calling DHS on the phone every 10 asking if they could see one of my blogs or got sent somewhere else :p, so I just tested a proof of concept: I can toggle checkboxes in the admin options of one of my blogs that control whether the IP for my cell phone gets sent off to "".

    By sometime this weekend I hope to have a releasable WordPress plug-in that will allow us to block DHS, IRS, etc., from our blogs.
  3. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    The WordPress plug-in is working, just need to do a ReadMe file & spiff up the landing pages ...

  4. Mike

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  5. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    The review & submission process for WordPress is sufficiently cumbersome that I've decided to do any planned enhancements up front now, so I'm rewriting it to be more easily maintained ("table-driven" for the technically minded) and am adding other entitities to block (*.mil, will be adding other gov't & military hosts in other major English-speaking countries -- UK, Canada, Australia -- plus the ability to add your own lists of blocked hosts & IP ranges.

    I'm also testing it on the FedCops blog. Despite not updating it much since December it still gets about 1300 hits daily. Will be interesting to see how many of those are from *.gov, etc. :D

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