Is Christianity’s Notion of Abortion Based on Mistranslated Text?

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    Interesting discussion of the Old Testament underpinnings of the abortion debate. The author, Rabbi Schmuley Boteach, attributes the Catholic position to a mistranslation in the Greek Old Testament, aka the Septuagint, on which the Catholic Latin version of the bible was based:

    But the Christian tradition disputing this view goes back to a mistranslation in the Septuagint, the early Greek translation of the Bible that sometimes contains significant errors (see my book Kosher Jesus for a comprehensive list). There, the Hebrew for ”no harm follow” was replaced by the Greek for “[her child be born] imperfectly formed.”

    What he neglects to add is that the Septuagint was translated in the 3rd century BC by Jews, who would eventually abandon it and return to the original Hebrew texts. As the usage of Hebrew and even Aramaic declined, it was convenient to use Greek for a few centuries.

    So please, Rabbi, the next time you have your ancestors saddle with a translation of some scriptures, please also request that they do a better job of it. :D

    Here is the article ...

    Jewish Press: Is Christianity’s Notion of Abortion Based on Mistranslated Text?
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    Anyone who thinks that the Catholic Church's valuation of the unborn child hinges on a bad translation in 300 BC is seriously challenged.

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