Is the TSA DOA? Christopher Elliott says it is.

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    Smarter Travel: Is the TSA DOA?

    The TSA is dead. So says consumer advocate Chris Elliott, who argues that the "openly hostile crowd" that excoriated the Transportation Security Administration at a recent subcommittee hearing is evidence of the unpopular agency's inevitable demise.

    At the House aviation subcommittee hearing last Thursday, panelists took turns criticizing the TSA, calling it "dysfunctional," "expensive," "out of control," and "the butt of countless jokes." But agency reps weren't in attendance to take the heat, since TSA Administrator John Pistole failed to show. (The reason for the no show? The TSA said that the House Homeland Security Committee, not the aviation subcommittee, oversees its operations.)

    Some panelists went so far as to call for a downsizing of the agency, or even total elimination of it. According to a report from The New York Times, Wisconsin Representative Thomas Petri argued, "We need to be closing down TSA as we know it. A fish rots from the head."

    Nice succinct summation of Pissy's leadership in bold red. :D
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    How long before enough so-called leaders develope a backbone and do something about TSA? Pissy should be walked out in chains and delivered to the SuperMax for the remainder of his life. He can take Blogdad Bob with him so he at least has an (expletive deleted) kisser handy.
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    Hey, now. Our "elected" leaders have backbones.

    It's just that their "backbones" consist of someone else's forearm. George Soros, for example.

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