Is the TSA out of control?

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    “The basic cause of the problem is the normal disparity in talent, intelligence and behavioral disorder … any large organization (experiences) in hiring blue collar workers,” said Alan Weiss, president of Summit Consulting Group. “Since TSA is mainly a giant employment agency and largely symbolic in its actual work content, there is a huge problem, because even five percent of poorly behaving TSA agents create huge problems for the organization and the public.”

    An analogy is the flight attendant trying to tell you that safety is her primary job, when 99 percent of the job is passenger comfort,” he added. “Making sure the doors are locked isn’t high on job satisfaction, which is why you have such variety in flight attendant performance on identical flights. The TSA agents have to create their own excitement. When people have no real power, they make it up. It’s called bureaucracy (and bullying).”
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    Weiss' comments were the only ones that took issue with the TSA, unfortunately. IME, the point of the article was the TSA isn't functioning well, but that's o.k. because most large organizations have their bad apples.

    In how many other large organizations do those bad apples get to assault members of the public or have the ability to accept a bribe to get explosives on an airplane?

    I was also offended by:

    Of course people are going to "personalize" being sexually assaulted at checkpoints. I guess Baker wants us all to go to that "other place" in our minds while we are being assaulted.
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    Let me sexually molest Mr. Baker's wife and daughters in front of him, and let's see whether Mr. Baker makes that a personal issue with me. Of course he will. I'm the one doing the molesting! Just like these clerks are doing the molesting. They make all of this happen.
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    As a victim of molestation, the only "other place" you can go is a very bad place.
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    "It's the same kind of problem we see at large corporations."

    There is not a cinder block big enough for me to beat myself over the head with to end the pain of this stupidity.

    Large corporations are not legally empowered to sexually assault people and expect immunity from prosecution for it. Large corporations don't get to hide behind the invalid excuse that their actions keep people safe (remember, even if they did, it never justifies the sacrifice of any amount of freedom at all). Large corporations don't seize power by fiat and call every last individual who works for them an "officer" (indeed, being an officer in a business is a big deal and there are normally very few of them), then expect the general public to treat those employees with the deference normally given to cops.

    Yes, the TSA is out of control, and yes, abolition is the only solution. Everyone who works for TSA needs to, at a minimum, lose their jobs and be barred from ever working in the security field again (even as a retail loss-prevention clerk/receipt Nazi, another group I'd love to put up against the wall alongside Pissy and Nappy). For those running the show, criminal trials are in order.

    Christ, I hate this. Every extra day this country spends hemming and hawing over TSA, saying "should we or shouldn't we get rid of it," more innocent air travelers are going to have their essential and inalienable rights brutally murdered on the sacrificial altar of safety.
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    Excellent points all.

    On this, I am going to repeat something I have said many, many, many times. And I'm going to say it again.

    There are as many employees at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL as there are in the entire TSA. Think about that for a minute, and let it sink in. In one location of one of America's most respected, oldest, and largest corporations, there are as many people working as the numbers of the whole of TSA.

    When was the last time you heard of a child being molested at WDW?

    When was the last time you heard of someone's belongings being stolen by an employee of WDW?

    When was the last time you saw a video of someone, anyone frankly, at WDW sticking their hands in a child's pants?

    When was the last time you heard of an elderly lady being strip searched at WDW?

    Is WDW not a high-value terrorist target? Is WDW not magnitudes more populated than an airport?

    Why, then, can a large division of an incredibly large corporation manage to get by without doing these things, and yet TSA does them on a daily basis? How is that possible using this faulty, bizarre logic?
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    Since you asked :) Donald reportedly likes adult women. :D
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    Yes, but both he and Goofy are light years ahead of the average TSA employee in brain power, so they are more likely to control themselves when thinking of civilized society.
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