It really is one big carnival

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Mike, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. Mike

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    One of those forgotten details ...

    Fox News: TSA chief: optimist about everything but terror

    Simply Daffy! :D
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  2. Cartoon Peril

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  3. Caradoc

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    It's too bad they didn't take any pointers from Disney on stuff like, oh, customer service and employee attitude.
  4. Mike

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    Very good point -- Disney has very high standards in those areas, although the Donald Ducks (like TSA) are reported to get a bit frisky from time to time.
  5. snapstoo

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    wearing a gaudy blue uniform, showing too much (expletive deleted) end and nearly incomprehensible?

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  6. barbell

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    Eh, I've already been outed as a Disneyphile. I'm totally uncomfortable with TSA taking on a more Disney-esque demeanor.

    I remember hearing about this program back when it rolled out because it was such a huge win for Disney.

    One day I was standing in pre-CBP baggage claim at ATL international arrivals. They were looping this video over and over. You can imagine waiting for DL baggage how many times I must have seen this "Welcome to America!" video. It was so saccharine, so over the top. It was cloying about 2 minutes into the first run. Then I realized that the background music sounded familiar. Where had I heard it? Oh, this experience ruined one of my favorite Disney-produced documentaries about their business. It was the same soundtrack.

    Thanks, TSA, for ruining yet another part of my life. Asshats. :td:

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