Jacksonville International Airport Closed [JAX]

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Fisher1949, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Wonder what the outcome was at JAX? I've been tied up w/ non-TUG stuff all evening.
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    Being reported that one item at JAX was considered dangerous and was taken for explosvice destruction. Can't find an article at this moment.

    Found one:


    edit to add:

    I saw one article that says all the guy had was a scale and some batteries. If LEO's took that for demolition then it tells me they are just looking for things to do. More fear mongering over nothing.
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    Appqarently there might be some substance to the Jacksonville incident:

    NBC Miami: Man Told TSA He Had Bomb at Jacksonville International Airport: Authorities -- Bond set at $1 million for Zeljko Causevic, 39 (Oct 2 2013)

    A judge set bond at $1 million Wednesday for a man who caused a massive evacuation when he told security screeners he had a bomb in his backpack at Jacksonville International Airport, authorities said.

    Zeljko Causevic, 39, remained silent during his brief hearing before Duval County Court Judge Russell Healey. He was arrested and booked into jail early Wednesday on charges that include making a false report about planting a bomb or explosive and manufacturing, possessing, selling or delivering a hoax bomb, according to an arrest report.

    Airport officials said Causevic told screeners he had a bomb in his backpack but they only found a luggage scale with a microchip inside, along with a remote control device he called a "detonator."

    However, this has me wondering if the guy (originally from Bosnia) perhaps had diffuculty discussing the contents of his luggage in English:

    "The subject stated, 'I came to the security guard and said I got a bomb in here,'" airport spokesman Michael Stewart said, reading the arrest report. "The subject further explained that inside his camouflage backpack he a device which he said was 'suppoed to be a bomb but it's not.' He described the device as a luggage scale containing two flat round batteries and a microchip inside."

    Apparently the cops were having a good time harassing and arresting whoever wandered into their lair:

    Another person was arrested after officials say he started acting suspiciously but authorities said he was not connected to Causevic.

    "The second person was acting suspiciously, they were approached by the police and they were arrested for, I think the report says resisting arrest," Stewart said. "There was no connection with the other individual as determined in the interview by the arresting authorities."

    Manuel Rivera, 35, faces a charge of resisting an officer without violence, his arrest report said. He was released Wednesday morning, authorities said.

    How can you be arrested for resisting arrest when you're not really being arrested for anything? Paging George Orwell, George Orwell, line 1984, please!
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    A scale? Sounds more like drugs than bombs.
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    Quite possible ...

    My first though was of my reloading scale -- computerized one that drives the powder measure, but that will never be anywhere near an airport -- guaranteed to fail a swab! I also have an electronic postal scale.

    I can't image why I would ever travel with either.

    On the other hand, why should we have to EXPLAIN anything to these people? It's a free country, and we're supposedly free to travel freely with our belonging within our borders.
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    He's lived in the U.S. for 15 years, has a wife, two kid and a trucking company.

    Sounds as though he also had some evolving mental issues ...

    First Coast New: Neighbors shocked by Zeljko Causevic arrest (Oct 2 2013)
    His neighbor 'Bella', who wishes not give a last name, says Vesna, 42, came to her home Tuesday worried about her husband. Vesna told Bella that Zeljko was acting psychotic and that he took her phone and was pacing around. Bella says Zeljko told Vesna "they'd be sorry." Vesna then told Bella that she was taking the kids and staying at a hotel.


    A man who goes by the name 'Mario' said he never saw anything strange with family but heard they were having issues.

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