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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Mike, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Ever want to fly carry-on-only, but couldn't fit a hair dryer and 12 pairs of shoes in your tiny roll-aboard? Here's a solution so absurd, so unattractive, and yet so darn brilliant we can't believe we didn't think of it first!

    Say hello to JakToGo, a wearable luggage system that'll help you get as much extra stuff as you want onto the plane—disguised as a coat!
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    UK Daily Mail: Is it a coat? Is it a bag? Actually, It's both! Hand luggage dress and jacket invented to get round costly weight restrictions on flights

    An entrepreneur has found a novel way to get around strict baggage restrictions on airplanes so travellers can take more on board without having to pay extra costs.

    Engineer John Power has invented the Jaktogo, a £56 coat which doubles as a suitcase.

    The product cleverly transforms from a coat to a bag and allows flyers to carry up to an extra 10kg of hand luggage on board. It is designed to get round tight bag weight restrictions imposed by low-cost airlines like Ryanair.

    It has pockets for gadgets like iPads and cameras as well as space for holiday essentials such as books, clothes and towels. It also comes a dress and a sleeveless poncho for those travelling to hot countries.
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    Go..go..gadget jacket!!!
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    yuck... Ill stick with my scottvest, can fit a ton in that and no one the wiser. Often imitated never duplicated!
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    And better looking too...
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    This was intended for people flying on Ryanair, which seems to hit you with a fee every time you blink an eye. Do good-looking people even fly on Ryanair?

    Ryanair's next fee will probably be for flying clothed.

    Racked: Well, This Combo Bag-Jacket Is One Way to Get Around Those Airline Weight Limits

    The Jaktogo is a big puffy duffel bag that you can stuff extra baggage in (about fifteen kilograms or 33 pounds' worth, to be exact). But if the bag's about to cost you an extra fifty bucks, you can then convert it into a jacket and wear that thing through security


    You'll look like a cross between Grimace and the Michelin Man, but it's still totally worth saving that fifty bucks.
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    good point sir...good point!!
  8. Quite a few of these poping up in the market. Has anyone seen the Stuffa Jacket?
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