Jaunted: Will TSA's New Union Supercharge Push for Private Airport Screeners?

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    Jaunted: Will TSA's New Union Supercharge Push for Private Airport Screeners?

    We've talked about this before, but TSA officials routinely complain that they just can't catch a PR break. This week TSA agents identified and stopped an actual real-life kidnapping in Miami, where the kidnappers were trying to smuggle the victim through the airport like something out of a movie, in addition to intercepting the usual bevy of hidden weapons.

    But when Congress held a hearing this week about the airport security agency, the discussion focused on how agents keep committing crimes, how airports keep privatizing their screeners, and how the new TSA union is going to be a disaster. Of course in fairness to Congress - and there's a phrase we don't usually bust out - all of those things are totally true.


    Two or three incidents of the union shielding misbehaving employees—as opposed to what would happen in the private sector, where companies get to fire bad apples—and it will be remarkable how fast pressure builds for widespread privatization.

    The article is accompanied by a great image from a Fox TV news cast:


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    Boo f***ing hoo.

    (Rubs thumb and index finger together)

    Know what this is, Pissy? It's the world's smallest violin, and it's playing just for you. Asstard.
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    maybe they can't get a PR break but they're certainly getting plenty of exposure for their propaganda statements. How many BS articles have we seen touting how 5-10 seconds in the scanners is somehow faster than 3 seconds through the WMTD or how people just love them and that after a year and a half a full days worth of passengers have used PreCheck. They even have trolls posting comments saying how they always get to use it. when all of the traveler sites say just the opposite.
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    (worlds smallest violin playing) aww the poor babies are crying getting bent out of shape because there shitty diapers and oops make the light of day.

    Sucks to be them, but there own damn fault.
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    If they would stop the


    and the

    then maybe they wouldn't see themselves in the news all of the time.
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    AFGE is going to regret getting mixed up with TSA. Nothing like tying a lead weight around your neck before jumping off the pier.
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