Jet Skier walks across runways and enters terminal at JFK

Discussion in 'Aviation Passenger Security in the USA' started by Doober, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Doober

    Doober Original Member

    Terrorists take note.
  2. Elizabeth Conley

    Elizabeth Conley Original Member

    Epic Fail!

    As a nation, as a culture and as a community, this is a textbook example of FAILURE.
  3. RB

    RB Founding Member

    OK, the guy was in extremis and had to make landfall somewhere. Why penalize him for the failure of the airports "TSA Approved" security plan?

    Shouldn't he be rewarded for exposing this problem?
  4. Elizabeth Conley

    Elizabeth Conley Original Member

    That's what I think. If you have to cross the rail road tracks to get to the Hospital Emergency Room, should you simply die on the "correct" side of the tracks?

    Should the Jet Skier die of exposure before entering the airport in search of aid?

    This is a pattern, and I can only call it a collective


    for the United States.

    We should be better than this, but apparently we're not.
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  5. FaustsAccountant

    FaustsAccountant Original Member

    It's all about safety folks-just don't ask who's safety.
  6. RB

    RB Founding Member

    I think we can determine whose safety, take a look at my post in "What's On Your Mind" for a clue the size of a 4x4.
  7. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member

    Elizabeth is right here. What is wrong with us that the immediate reaction to someone just trying to save his life is that we want to throw him in jail for breaking some rule.
  8. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    This NYC. He's a revenue source, not a victim.

    He should be thankful he didn't have any improperly recycled materials in his possession when he was busted.

    That part of the article really stuck out like a sore thumb -- at what part of an incident does maritime law cease to apply? Or does it even apply in waters within U.S. jurisdiction? His vessel sunk. They were required to assist him. Period. Stop. End of sentence.
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  9. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    Hopefully he'll get a lawyer and perform a double orchidectomy on some of these asstards. Though given they're working at an airport, finding their stones (microscopic pebbles) might take some effort.
  10. FaustsAccountant

    FaustsAccountant Original Member

    Why would maritime law apply when the TSA suspend/ignore/defy every other law in existence to suit their whim?
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  11. Mike

    Mike Founding Member Coach

    Leave it to Amy! ^

    Men's News Daily:
    TSA: Why Get Your Balls Groped When You Can Just Row Up With A Warhead?

    The 58,401 Stooges (aka TSA employees) are so busy pretending to administer security that they fail to actually do it. In New York, a jet-skier, stranded in Jamaica Bay, swam to shore and easily breached all the supposed security they have between the Bay and the terminal.
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  12. nachtnebel

    nachtnebel Original Member


    Someone needs to tell Amy there is a connection here....
  13. Fisher1949

    Fisher1949 Original Member Coach

    Or a 32 ounce soda.
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  14. DeafBlonde

    DeafBlonde Original Member

    Oh, the guy is guilty all right...guilty as sin...of once again embarrassing the black-hearted agencies (DHS/TSA) that are ostensibly protecting us from the scawey tewowwists!

    Oh, wait...that isn't a crime, is it? </rhetorical question>
  15. Frank

    Frank Original Member

    It will be soon. :td:

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