JetBlue leaves passengers stranded...

Discussion in 'Other Aspects of Aviation Security' started by FetePerfection, Oct 30, 2011.

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    You still need a tug and a gate, or a bus and air stairs and a way to get them out to the plane.

    The fines & regulations are mainly for airplanes awaiting takeoff. These guys landed and seem to be stuck. They probably should have made better choices of airports to divert to.
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    I agree with those who favor calling the police or operating the emergency exit in such cases. JetBlue will credit them the airfare. NOT GOOD ENOUGH.
  4. FetePerfection

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    Of course I don't know the whole story but from what I've read there were empty planes sitting at jetways and nobody thought to move them. And not having availability of a tug, for seven freaking hours??? that's hard to swallow. No, this was an enormous fail on many levels.
  5. Mike

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    But the planes can't be moved by just anyone, and not every plane can use every gate. If they don't have their own facilities, they're at the mercy of the airlines that own those planes and gates.

    Those airlines DO have to help, so they might end up with the fines. I'm trying to remember who got fined when the COEX flight was stranded overnight in Rochester (MN). Delta, for not assisting? Not sure ...
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    I'm not arguing with you on this...I just have a hard time understanding HOW this happens. I suppose cooperation from a competitor is asking too much. Just feel sorry for the passengers who are completely helpless, much like with TSA - at their mercy. I knew if I tried hard enough I could trash TSA in the process...:)
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    How does it happen that an airplane is forgotten for seven hours? Isn't there a contingency plan for this?
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    Cheers from the Marshalltown, IA, Hampton Inn -- just checked in & research done.

    When the CO EX jungle jet was stranded overnight on the tarmac at Rochester, MN, the largest of the fines was assessed against not Continental & Express Jet (who were also fined) but against Mesaba, a wholly-owned subidiary of Delta/Northwest. So I'd bet some fines are coming in the strandings at Bradley. :D
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