JFK Airport Evacuated Because of a Suspicious Paperweight

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  1. Mike

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    Here we go again, a "grenade" paperweight! This time it was CBP that wet their pants.

    Travelers Today: JFK Airport Evacuated Because of a Suspicious Paperweight

    John F. Kennedy International Airport was briefly evacuated on Thursday due to a security scare. A customs agent thought he found a grenade in an international passenger's luggage. The grenade turned out to be a paperweight. Terminal 4 of JFK airport was evacuated for a brief time when security thought there was an explosive grenade in an traveler's luggage. The terminal was shut down for less than an hour as police inspected the bag. The suspicious item in the bag was designed just like a grenade, but it was nothing more than a paperweight. The traveler from Moscow told police that he got it as a gift from a friend.

    You have to evacuate a whole terminal for a grenade? Can they really do much damage outside of a large room?

  2. That sounds like a cool paperweight. Great for office hijinks.
  3. Caradoc

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    Of course. Otherwise, how is everyone going to know how hard the TSA is pretending to "protect" them?
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    New York metro, its always New York metro.

    I wouldn't fly in, out or through EWR, LGA or JFK on a bet.
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    This should happen every day.
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